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Stockport Pride 2022 Raffle Design Competition

This year for Stockport Pride we plan on holding a raffle to help pay for our event and the good work we do. We are delighted to announce our competition to design our raffle ticket, so if you’re interested please keep reading.

Rules and guidelines

The design space is 133 mm (5.25 inches) in width and 76mm (3 inches) in width. The black box in the top right corner must remain as it is.

The following information must part of the design

  1. £1 per ticket
  2. A name for our raffle for example “Stockport Pride raffle”, doesn’t have to include the words Stockport Pride.

Any offensive or discriminatory pictures, shapes or words included in the design will cause immediate disqualification from the competition.

You may use the Stockport Pride logo somewhere in your design if you wish.

Please keep in mind making sure your design fits into the space available, and while doing so any words etc. that are to be read are able to be easily read. If taking a photo of your design, please make sure that it’s done in a well lit area and only the design itself is visible.

Please submit your finished design to raffle@stockportpride.co.uk by Sunday 24th April 2022 11.59pm, any designs received after this will unfortunately not be able to be included for consideration.

The Stockport Pride committee will then publish a short list of the submissions, afterwards we will be launching a poll on our Facebook to enable the Stockport community to collectively and democratically decide which design they feel is their favourite. Whichever design gets the most votes will be selected, in the event of a tie the Stockport Pride committee will vote on the tied designs, and select their favourite. The winning design may need to be modified or adjusted for printing on the raffle ticket.

The chosen designs creator will receive five free raffle tickets, which must be collected on the day at the event of Stockport Pride, by the creator or someone they wish to collect them so long as they inform us beforehand who that person is and that they will be coming.

You can download the template and instructions in a PDF file.

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